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Successful CKD's "2024 Annual Business Plan" training!

January 12, 2024

latest company news about Successful CKD's "2024 Annual Business Plan" training!  0

From the end to the layout,

Defining the present basic the future


Strategic planning is the driving force for enterprise development

The annual business plan is the key to implementing the strategy!



The training theme focused on "Annual Business Plan and Enterprise Autonomous Operation". In the current rapidly changing environment, CKD laser invited Mr. Wei from the BoShang School to conduct a training course on the theme of "Annual Business Plan" for middle and senior management. The training course systematically reviewed the company's performance and key work completion in 2023. It is hoped that through this training, middle and senior management cadres can sort out the ideas for the 2024 business plan, scientifically formulate performance targets, operating budgets, and resource allocation for 2024, and implement them in the daily operation and management of the enterprise, helping the company achieve its 2024 performance goals, implementing comprehensive budget management, and improving the quality and profitability of the enterprise's operations.


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01 How to set the goals of the annual business plan

how much and by who

02 Adjusting the structure

how to adjust, how to evaluate;

03 Clear actions

specific actions for middle and high-level management, sales, R&D, production and supply in various fields, and how to coordinate;

04 Resource allocation

how to match resources with operations, how to allocate resources reasonably, how to evaluate the input and output of resources, etc.


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In the class, Teacher Wei provides practical analysis and explanations of the annual business plan, helping business managers grasp the mindset, steps, methods, and skills of annual business plan formulation.


In the interactive session, managers actively participate, ask questions, and discuss internal management issues and external development bottlenecks, creating a lively atmosphere. Through this course, the managers have gained a lot, especially practical tools and methods for annual business plan development, which can help solve many practical problems and greatly contribute to the company's layout for 2024.





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1. Enhancing planning ability: Planning = management ability. The stronger the planning ability, the better the grasp of the external business environment, transforming the company's development from "accidental performance" to "inevitable results."
2. Cultivating a forward-thinking mindset: The annual plan is the starting point of business operations, the beginning of maximizing overall performance. The starting point determines the endpoint.
3. Building an efficient management team: The annual plan is the beginning of cultivating business talents. The process of plan formulation itself is a process of selecting and nurturing business talents.
4. Achieving consensus on company goals: Through the interactive process of annual business plan formulation, the company's management philosophy is implemented, achieving a unified understanding of the business environment and current issues, unified goals and action guidelines, and ensuring everyone's participation in business operations.
5. Creating a high-performance culture: The annual business plan is the best opportunity to systematically address company issues. Its purpose is to translate the invisible will of the company into the daily actions of employees through strategic, tactical, and operational activities.