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400W Yag Mould Repair Laser Welding Machine For Stainless Steel Mold Welding

400W Yag Mould Repair Laser Welding Machine For Stainless Steel Mold Welding

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    400W Mould Repair Laser Welding Machine


    Yag Mould Repair Laser Welding Machine


    Stainless Steel Laser Welder For Mold Repair

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    Mould Repair Laser Welding Machine
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400W Yag Mould Repair Laser Welding Machine For Stainless Steel Mold Welding

400W Yag Mould Repair Welding Machine

For Stainless Steel Mold Welding


Product Features
1 . Laser welding is a new type of welding and one of the important aspects of laser material processing technology. Laser welding is mainly for the welding of thin-walled materials and precision parts , the welding process is heat-conducting type , that is , laser radiation heats the surface of the work piece , and the surface heat is passed .
2 . The superheated conduction diffuses to the inside , and the work piece is melted by controlling parameters such as the width, energy, peak power , and repetition frequency of the laser pulse .
3 . Form a specific molten pool . It can realize spot welding , butt welding , stack welding , sealing welding , etc., with high aspect ratio , small weld width and small heat affected zone .
4 . Small deformation , fast welding speed , smooth and beautiful weld seam , no need for treatment after welding or simple treatment, high weld quality, no porosity,
5 . Precise control , small focus spot , high positioning accuracy , easy to automate .
Max. Output Power 200W 400W 600W
Laser type YAG
Pulse Width 01-10ms
Wavelength 1064nm
Focal Spot Diameter 0.3-2mm
laser frequency 1-20Hz
spot adjustment range 0.3-2mm
Single Pulse Energy 120J
Total power consumption Microscope or CCD for option
Workbench Bearing ≤200kg
Dimension of Worktable Stroke of 3 axis:X axis 250mm,Yaxis 150mm, Z axis 200mm (electric or manual optional)
Dimensions 1000*550*1150mm
Weight (KG) 150 KG


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Applications :

1 . ceramic condenser cavity
ceramic condenser cavity High reflectivity, high energy, high temperature resistance,corrosion resistance, long service life

2 . Industrial Chiller
Equipped with 1.5P special chiller , it can meet the requirements for a long time.High power welding is more stable PS , 400W-3P Industrial Chiller

3 . Lifting table
Bearing table base electric lifting , table movement using precision ball screw and high- precision straight guide rail light and flexible , accurate positioning , bearing up to 200kg .

4 . Autonomous welding system
Own intellectual property rights of laser power system , many years of development and upgrad , Chinese/English interface , simple operation



Detail lmages :

The automatic mold laser welding machine consists of laser power supply , automaticoperation table , optical system , CCD and microscope imaging , cooling system , red light positioning system and air blowing device .
The laser power supply is a power supply specifically designed for pulsed Nd:YAG lasers . The switching power supply is used , and the internal is controlled by the single chip microcomputer , which is a real numerical control power supply . By selecting the parameters such as laser output power, frequency and pulse width through the touch mode operation panel , the user can program the laser pulse waveform and parameters through the keyboard to match the welding parameters with the welding requirements to achieve the best welding effect, thus satisfying almost All metal welding needs , is the ideal configuration of multi-function laser welding machine , with the function of misoperation and over-temperature automatic protection .
The laser power supply first lit the pulsed lamp. The laser power source discharges the xenon lamp pulse to form a light wave with a certain frequency and a certain pulse width . The light wave is radiated to the Nd:YAG laser crystal through the concentrating cavity , and the Nd :YAG laser crystal is excited to emit light , and then the wavelength is emitted after the resonance of the laser cavity. It is a pulsed laser of 1064 nm . After being expanded , reflected and focused , the pulsed laser is placed on the object to be welded. Under the control of the single-chip system , the numerical control workbench is moved to complete the welding The frequency, pulse width , table speed , moving direction , etc. of the pulse laser required for welding are controlled by asingle chip microcomputer . The energy of the control pulse laser can be adjusted by setting different frequencies and pulse widths of the laser power source .
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Our Service :

Pre-Sales Service
Free sample marking :
Free sample marking testing is fine for us.And the detailed testing report for will also be offered .
Customized Progressing Solution :
Based on our senior R & D team , we can customize solution according to your processing requirement , that supports higher manufacturing efficiency and better processing quality .
Factory visiting :
We warmly welcome all the friend to come to our factory for visit or learning .

After-Sales Service
Warranty: Two years warranty for our machine.
Training service:
We will supply the machine with training video and user's manual in English for installing, operation,to ensure you could use our machine well. We also offer free training at our factory if you could visit us.
Technical service:
24 hours online service, lifelong technical support online video or by email to help you solve all the questions in use. Oversea service for training,installing, operating could be offered if necessary



1.Why choose us?
Execeed 10 years laser industry experience.
Professional team offer you the best quality machine and best after-sales service.We focus on every detail of the products, Each of us try best to delicated on ourwork to make you andus win-win together.

2.Can you customize? Can you OEM?
Of course. We can OEM and provide the customized solution for laser marking, cutting, welding as peryour requirements.

3.What about the lead time for production?
it depends on the order quantity and the product. Usually our lead time is 5 working days after orderconfirmed.

4.Could you please tell me the Warranty Period of your product?
Our warranty period is two years free and lifelong maintenance.

5.Do you have technical backup to all customers from different countries?

To be surely, our technical support is always available and quick response. For installing andrunning, our technician has installed the machine before shipping. At the same time, we will senddetail training video and user manual for your information.