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Infrared Picosecond 80W Glass Mirror Cutting Machine For Auto Rearview Mirror

Infrared Picosecond 80W Glass Mirror Cutting Machine For Auto Rearview Mirror

  • High Light

    Infrared Picosecond Glass Mirror Cutting Machine


    80W Glass Mirror Cutting Machine


    80W Laser Glass Cutting Equipment

  • Name
    80W Glass Laser Cutting Machine
  • Power
  • Work Size
    260*400mm X 2
  • Accuracy
  • Thickness
  • Speed
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Plywood Box
  • Delivery Time
    15-45 days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T
  • Supply Ability
    50 Sets Per Month

Infrared Picosecond 80W Glass Mirror Cutting Machine For Auto Rearview Mirror

Infrared Picosecond 80W Glass Laser Cutting Machine

For Auto Rearview Mirror


Product Description

The laser rearview mirror glass cutting machine is an efficient and accurate cutting equipment that can be used to manufacture rearview mirror glass and other related products.

When cutting with the laser rearview mirror glass cutting machine, the operator needs to place the glass to be cut on the cutting platform and set the cutting parameters through the control system. The laser beam is then focused onto the glass for cutting. After the cutting is complete, the operator can remove the cut glass for subsequent processing


Excellent in cutting glass for mirrors, light fittings, ovens, gas stoves, trophies, crafts, mobile phones, doors and windows. Can be applied to different thickness of glass round, square, polygon, irregular shaped laser cutting.



Significant Attribute
X/Y movement speed max. 500mm/s
Laser type Infrared picosecond
Laser wavelength 1064nm
Laser power 50W/80W optional
Pulse length ≤10PS
Pulse frequency 1Hz-1000kHz
Working mode Laser XY moving
Cooling method Water-cooled
Focusing mode Cutting head
Focusing spot ≤Ф3um
Cutting speed Adjustable 0-500mm / s
Cutting thickness according to the thickness of the glass to choose the number of laser W
Minimum cutting edge chipping 6um
X / Y cutting stroke 400mm x500mm (600X700mm 600X900 optional or customize a larger platform)
X/Y positioning accuracy ≤±2μm
X/Y repeat positioning accuracy ≤±1um


Infrared Picosecond 80W Glass Mirror Cutting Machine For Auto Rearview Mirror 0



Applying Materials

1 . Automotive industry

car rearview mirror, small round mirror, motorcycle rearview mirror, children's toy car rearview mirror

2 . Industrial cutting such as

ultra-white glass , white glass , high borosilicate glass , quartz glass and other types of instruments used in the ultra-thick glass

Mobile phone glass cover plate , car glass cover plate , camera glass cover plate and other types of reinforced and unreinforced glass cutting

3 . Sapphire glass cutting

mobile sapphire cover plate , camera sapphire glass cover plate , sapphire light strip ( LED light strip ) , etc .

Shaped LCD screen inverted R / U / C Angle , LCD screen cutting

Other optical glass cutting , such as :  K9 glass , filter cutting , mirror cutting , etc .


Sample Display

1. Shape:

Circular, square, polygonal and irregular shaped glass.

2. Thickness:

0.1~5mm, larger size can contact our professional sales!


Infrared Picosecond 80W Glass Mirror Cutting Machine For Auto Rearview Mirror 1



1 . Non-strengthened glass: CO2 laser can be used to heat along the cutting line, sothat the glass will be heated to produce stress and separate the shards / after cutting , it will be strengthened twice to produce stress shards ;
2 . Tempered glass: After cutting , the self-strengthening stress is released and thesplinters are separated automatically ;
3 . LCD screen glass: mechanical pulling , firing pin split / ultrasonic split ;

4 . Filter glass: mechanical knife lobes, etc.;

5 . Camera protection glass: laser cracking or soaking in chemical medicine , etc.
Whether the equipment needs a CO2 laser splitter , please contact ourcustomer service to confirm !




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