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Small Laser Glass Cutting And Spliting Machine With Diving Mask Glass Cut

Small Laser Glass Cutting And Spliting Machine With Diving Mask Glass Cut

  • Name
    Picosecond Glass Cutting Machine
  • Cooling Mode
    Air Cooling
  • Cutting Area
  • Cutting Thickness
  • Laser Source Brand
  • Laser Power
    30W 50W 70W
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    ISO / CE / FDI
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Plywood Box
  • Delivery Time
    15-45 days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T
  • Supply Ability
    50 Sets Per Month

Small Laser Glass Cutting And Spliting Machine With Diving Mask Glass Cut

Specification of the UV Laser cutting machine

The high-performance , multi-purpose glass laser cutting machine , and non-contract working platform is processed with high speed digital galvanometer and avoid the hidden damage caused by the stress processing of tool and molds; the use of 1064nm infrared picosecond laser with short wavelength , high energy density and small area that heat affected has eliminated the cooling water , cleaning water , cutting and dust accompanied with machanical processing and quickly destroy the molecular structure of the material to achieve cold processing ; it can identify DXF and GERBER files and eliminate molds to achieve rapid prototyping, cutting and drilling , so it is especially suitable for the processing of complex , sophisticated and difficult products ; the processing of mobile phone camera module sub-board , fingerprint identification module cutting , TF card type memory card , FPC flexible circuit board high-speed laser cutting with the cutting thickness of 1mm has no burr with high precision and small range that heat affected ; the control software based independently on the WINDOWS research and development, with all Chinese layout and a key fool operation , is simple and quick .
Designed with high-rigidity and high-safety structure, it is beautiful, durable and safe .
According to customer requirements, part of the machine can be customized.
Machine scope

Strengthened and non-strengthened glass cutting (mobile phone glass cover , car glass cover , camera glass cover, etc.) , sapphire glass cutting ( mobile phone sapphire cover , camera sapphire glass cover, sapphire light bar ( LED light bar ) , etc.) , LCD glass cutting ( abnormal LCD screen inverted R/U/C angle , LCD screen slitting , etc. ) , other optical glass cutting ( filter cutting, mirror cutting, etc., prisms, etc.)

*After placing an order, the delivery lead time is usually within 15 working days
Laser type
Picosecond Pulsed Laser
Laser power
Laser wavelength
Pulse frequency
Cutting speed
0-300mm/s adjustable
Cutting thickness
Cutting accuracy
≤±20um,The highest accuracy is ±5um
X/Y stroke
About 2000KG
Warranty service
1 years
Power supply
Cooling method
Water cooling
Length, width, height
1568 / 1550 / 1800(mm)
Cutting thickness schedule
Laser power
Cutting thickness
Cutting speed


Application areas:
This equipment is used for all kinds of glass cutting, smart home display cutting, camera lens laser cutting, coated lens cutting, heterosexual glass laser cutting, LCD screen laser cutting, automobile central control glass cutting, mobile phone glass cover cutting, photovoltaic glass cutting and Glass cutting and drilling, etc., can be widely used in high-precision marking and cutting of glass, drilling and cutting of sapphire, marking/drilling/cutting of ceramics, cutting of LCD/OLED display panels, LED wafer dicing and Cutting and other processing fields. The laser equipment automatically locates and cuts by vision, with high speed and high positioning accuracy. When moving, there is no contact between the stator and the mover, so there is no wear and tear for a long time, and basically no maintenance is required.


1 . Non-strengthened glass : CO2 laser can be used to heat along the cutting line, so that the glass will be heated to produce stress and separate the shards / after cutting , it will be strengthened twice to produce stress shards ;
2 . Tempered glass : After cutting, the self-strengthening stress is released and the splinters are separated automatically ;
3 . LCD screen glass : mechanical pulling , firing pin split / ultrasonic split ;
4 . Filter glass : mechanical knife lobes , etc.;
5 . Camera protection glass : laser cracking or soaking in chemical medicine , etc.
* Whether the equipment needs a C02 laser splitter , please contact our customer service to confirm !